Our port is key

07 Apr 2022 14:38 Environment

Innovations, a modern industry, state-of-the-art technologies and climate protection are at the core of Hamburg's First Mayor's policy. The central goal is to maintain Hamburg as a large, efficient universal port. The port is to be recognised as a spacexy of innovation for future industries and future technologies. "My aim is to free the port from the negative discussion that has become more and more entrenched. We have to recognise and use the opportunities and new perspectives of the port," Tschentscher emphasises and adds: "With a strategically smart port policy, we secure the basis for added value, prosperity and employment in Hamburg and the whole of Germany."

Tschentscher emphasises that climate compatibility and economic success go hand in hand in the future: "Anyone who takes environmental and climate protection seriously must not fight the port, but support it." Axel Mattern, Chairman of Port of Hamburg Marketing, welcomes these clear words: "This speech is a clear commitment to the port and the starting signal for a constructive port policy. In order to remain economically successful in the long term and to secure the added value of the metropolitan region, it is essential to recognise and exploit the port's potential as a location for innovation and as a driver of energy transition. We see great opportunities in the new port policy to create synergies in order to make the universal port even more sustainable and efficient. The port is and will remain our key to the future.

The port represents an important gateway to the global market not only for Hamburg but for Germany. Tschentscher sees this role as a great responsibility for the port. For him, driving forward energy transition, securing added value and guaranteeing Germany's supply in times of crisis must be principles of the new port policy. In this context, he emphasises above all that the core goal of port development is not to become the largest port in Europe. Rather, it is to become "the most modern, the most digital and the most sustainable port in the world".

For this, the port has to be accessible. For the First Mayor, this is only possible with modern sediment management. The city is already addressing this issue. The harbour must be accessible without causing environmental damage.

Tschentscher says that the Port of Hamburg is already a modern, innovative economic region in which the digitalisation of logistics is being driven forward, the 5G standard is being used in the industry and the use of drones is being tested. Traffic control operates digitally in real time, data from terminals, ships and logistics companies are connected, and sensors report defects in the infrastructure. Another major advantage of the Port of Hamburg is the excellent connection via the port railway. About half of all transports via the Port of Hamburg already operate by rail.

But that should not be the end of the road, explains the mayor. For the new port policy puts development first. For example, the rail network is to be further expanded in order to increase efficiency. Other infrastructure measures such as the renovation of quay walls, the creation of berths, access roads and port areas as well as investments in superstructure such as terminals, halls and cranes are also firmly anchored in this plan. Furthermore, all cruise and container terminals will be equipped with onshore power technology by 2024.

Hamburg's First Mayor also calls for courage and a willingness to innovate when it comes to hydrogen. Hamburg offers ideal conditions for becoming a leading hub for hydrogen, he says.

Hamburg is to become a city of the future, a model region for energy transition and modern climate protection. At the same time, the economy is to grow. For Tschentscher, the port is an important piece of the puzzle in this context that must be properly deployed. "With a strategically smart port policy, we secure the basis for added value, prosperity and employment in Hamburg and all of Germany."

Here you can find the full speech (in German).

Our port is key

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