Hungary in Lockdown until February

01.21.2021 09:47 Economy

The Corona virus still has a firm grip on Hungary. The first mutations of the British variant were also detected. In a worst-case scenario, the government does not expect to open everything before summer. Christina Kovacs, representative of Port of Hamburg Marketing in Budapest, reports. 

Despite the lockdown, the Hungarian National Bank estimates economic growth at 3.5 to 6 per cent. The 3.5 per cent scenario assumes that a significant vaccination coverage of the population can be achieved by the middle of the year. The 6.5 per cent growth scenario assumes a significant vaccination coverage already by the second quarter. 

By mid January, the number of positively tested people was above 347,000. Currently, 116,266 people are considered actively infected. The Hungarian government started to vaccinate the health care workers against Covid-19 on December 26th. Until January 12th, a total of 96,101 people had been vaccinated. Mainly health care workers and those working in nursing homes, along with the residents of those institutions were vaccinated. The highest vaccination priority is given to health care workers, followed by all those who are working in residential facilities and are taking care of the elderly or those in need of care. The next group considered are those over the age of 60. Then the armed forces employees will be vaccinated. The vaccinations are now done at 25 different vaccination centres. 

Hungary in Lockdown until February

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