Hamburg tank terminal invests in additional rail loading station: Evos increases loading capacity by more than 40% by opening new railcar station

02 Jul 2021 12:47 Hinterland

The Hamburg based affiliate of the European tank storage company Evos officially commissions its new railcar station on 1st July. The station is located on its “Hohe Schaar” site in the Wihelmsburg part of the port of Hamburg. This new loading station consists of a new railway siding as well as new railway connections, totalling 850m. Evos has invested around 22 Mio. € into the new rail station. The terminal, established in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg in 1953, offers 149 tanks and a total capacity of 670,000 cbm for various liquid oil and chemical products.

The new railcar station will not only increase the existing loading capacity for middle distillates by more than 40%, it also offers various technological innovations, e. g. the newest pump technology as well as the possibility of loading two tank cars simultaneously, which will also allow for considerably increased time savings for the loading of railcars. The state-of-the art station also benefits from innovative bio-blending applications which increasingly gain in importance: bio-fuels/liquids can now be injected directly during the loading of the railcars whereas previously the blend needed to be mixed up in a tank before loading.

In addition, the new station will also improve the terminal’s carbon footprint: necessary railcar manoeuvring on the terminal will now be handled by a cable pull system. The regular use and the continuous availability of diesel-fuelled manoeuvring railway locomotives respectively will not be necessary anymore. As a result, diesel fuel with a CO2 equivalent of 200t/year is saved which reduces CO2 emissions by around 50% for this section on the terminal. Improving energy efficiency is the project’s overall focus, demonstrated by numerous technical innovations, e. g. comprehensive LED lighting of the entire station area.

The new loading station connects the entire storage and handling infrastructure for diesel products on the “Hohe Schaar” site as well as connects another jetty for sea-going vessel and barges with a total capacity of 70,000 dwt to the infrastructure of Evos Hamburg. Ulfert Cornelius, Managing Director of Evos Hamburg, stresses:
“We demonstrate with our new railcar loading station that Evos Hamburg continuously develops its service offering according to the requirements of the market and our customers. The new station – and the resulting increased terminal capacity – provide existing and future clients our established outstanding level of service provision and market-leading standards in safety, sustainability, and efficiency yet again.”

He adds: “We have invested in our terminal in the port of Hamburg because we are convinced that we will need liquid goods and therefore storage terminals if we want to successfully implement the energy and mobility transition. In fact, we cannot just count on electrification if we want to reach our ambitious climate protection goals but need to include climate-neutral, liquid fuels and all available technologies to do so. Evos believes in the port of Hamburg as a key energy hub for the import of green energy sources and fuels.”

About Evos:
Evos Hamburg has 149 tanks with a storage capacity of 670,000 cbm to load and unload ships, railcars and trucks for supplying the Hamburg area and central Europe as well as the surrounding industrial facilities. The client portfolio includes all major oil and chemical companies, the German Mittelstand and smaller, local companies with local production facilities. In addition, Evos Hamburg offers storage facilities that can be used for the import of important crude materials or oil products that are not sufficiently produced in Germany, e. g. diesel. These facilities can also be used for the export of German products to other markets. Evos Hamburg plays a vital role in supplying the Central European market with heating oil, gasoil, diesel and other oil products as well as in supplying Europe’s biggest production facilities for industrial lubricants in Hamburg. Evos Hamburg is also a key supplier of marine fuels to ships in the port. Given its numerous service offerings the terminal of Evos Hamburg is highly relevant to various operations in the port of Hamburg.

The terminal was known as Vopak Dupeg until October 2019 when it was sold to the global asset managing company, First Sentier Investors.


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