Hamburg Senate recommends new replacement for Köhlbrand Bridge

02 Apr 2024 13:15 Shipping News

During today's session, the Senate reviewed the options for the Köhlbrand crossing and decided in favour of a new bridge. The rationale behind this choice is outlined in a printed document, which will now be presented to the Hamburg Parliament for consideration.

The existing Köhlbrand Bridge has reached the end of its operational lifespan and requires replacement. Following an examination and evaluation of various crossing options, the Senate has opted for the construction of a new bridge.

The replacement construction will achieve a higher clearance for ships. In the future, ships of current height and potentially slightly larger sizes will be able to access the southern part of the port. This removes a previously limiting factor and opens up new possibilities for port development.

The new replacement bridge is scheduled to be opened for traffic from 2040 onwards and will replace the exisiting Köhlbrand Bridge. Until then, the current bridge will continue to be utilized and maintained. Subsequent tasks will include additional work, such as the dismantling of the existing structure.

A comprehensive description and comparison of the investigated crossing alternatives, decision criteria, and details on costs and potential timelines can be found in document 22/14809, which will soon be available (in German) in the Parliament database.

The replacement construction of a new bridge over the Köhlbrand is due to be opened to traffic from 2040 onwards.

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