FRIGO Coldstore Logistics opens a third cold store in Hamburg container terminal

14 May 2014 10:38

Increased storage area and new jobs in energy-efficient buildings

With an inauguration ceremony FRIGO Coldstore Logistics opened a third cold store in Hamburg container terminal on 13 May 2014. When the building is completed in August 2014 the company will offer a total cool capacity of 40,000 pallet positions on 18,000 sq. metres. The extension was necessary due to the continuous increase in customer demand for deep freeze capacity. The storage extension will also provide extra office space and 12 new jobs at FRIGO, the number of staff at present is 38 including 4 vocational trainees and will probably rise to 50.

In 2005 FRIGO began business in their present location in Altenwerder, Hamburg with a completely new deep freeze storage concept in two temperature zones and the accompanying office building. Already in 2008 they had to increase capacity. From the very beginning great value was put on implementing as high as possible energy efficiency and utilizing all cutting-edge alternatives to save energy, from insulation to cooling technology. Part of the electricity is generated by their own solar arrays on the warehouse roof, which will possibly in future be used directly in the cold storage system. In the new third building phase the benchmark for an especially energy efficient building should be undercut once again by 20 percent; using intelligent LED lighting activated on demand by a motion control system and especially efficient space-saving concept facilitating stacking up to eight levels.

The incoming deep-frozen food will be handled on 20 loading ramps, later there will be 30. The ramps are cooled to five degrees guaranteeing a continuous cold chain. The new building will increase the picking area facilitating optimal compilation of goods for customer orders.

Background information:

For many years the per capita consumption of frozen food has risen continuously and with it the challenge to provide enough storage space. The Port of Hamburg figures underline this trend clearly. 618,000 TEU refrigerated containers were handled there in 2013. This represents 6.74 million tons, a growth of 15.2 percent on the previous year. 3.26 million tons of this were imports. The major countries of origin being the Far-East, the east and west coast of South America, the rest of Asia, the South Seas and Indonesia as well as Norway.

The foodstuffs imported by FRIGO customers come into the Port of Hamburg from all over the world, and are transferred directly into cold storage, e.g. meat from South America, fish from Canada and vegetables from China. The storage temperature for most of the foodstuffs is minus 18 degrees centigrade. Customers from the whole of Europe can call up their goods on demand and they will be delivered for further processing or to the retailer by refrigeratedtrucks.

The current deepfreeze storage capacity at FRIGO is around 15,000 tons. That represents approximately 75 million ready-made meals.


About FRIGO Coldstore Logistics

FRIGO Coldstore Logistics is a family company founded in 1996 with its head office in Hamburg, in the centre of Altenwerder, with direct access to the largest container terminal and the A7 motorway. The company offers space for 30,000 cool and refrigerated euro-pallet in an area of 13,500 sq. metres. As from August 2014 in another cold store a further 10,000 pallet positions will be added. For its voluntary company environmental protection measures, the company was awarded an environmental partnership by the city of Hamburg in 2006.


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