Empty containers: stable situation in southern Germany

31 Mar 2020 16:04 Hinterland

The empty container management is still stable in the southern German Hinterland. A quick poll among most of the important transport companies confirmed that there are currently enough empty containers available. Although individual routes are removed from the timetables every now and then, this is also not unusual outside of times of crisis, the cargo volume remains at an almost constant level. Even in the automotive industry, the export of spare parts, CKD parts* or CKD assembly parts remains normal. Particularly, as the complete passenger car division is not handled using container equipment. The production in this area has largely stopped across Europe.

Transport companies also offer discounts for empty containers in import and export on certain destinations.

*CKD refers to machines, plants or components that are disassembled into their individual parts and then sent on a journey to be assembled in an assembly plant – this is what the term “Completely Knocked Down” means. The individual parts are called CKD parts accordingly.

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