Digital Port: New issue of Port of Hamburg Magazine published

20 Apr 2016 15:19 Entertainment

The first issue of the Port of Hamburg Magazine in 2016 revolves around the digitisation in the Port of Hamburg. Learn more about how the port industry takes up the challenge of tomorrow’s logistics and which opportunities emerge thereby for the transport chain. You can either receive the hardcopy or simply read the digitalised e-paper version in our media library in both German and English language.

The digitisation as an omnipresent topic has a major influence on managing and working in the Port of Hamburg since the turn of the millennium. The interconnection between vehicles and traffic infrastructure with the objective of optimising the traffic flow is just one example of how the tradition-steeped Port of Hamburg is developing to a modern “smartPORT” to maintain and expand its competitiveness.

To give an overview about the status quo and the next planning steps in digitising the port, the Port of Hamburg Magazine interviewed prestigious experts: Hamburg’s state councillor Dr. Rolf Bösinger and Dr. Sebastian Saxe, Chief Digital Officer of the Hamburg Port Authority, elucidate the consequences of altered processes and possibilities of modern technologies. Prof. Carlos Jahn of the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services provides information about the main innovations in the years to come.

Several reports in the magazine are showing how businesses in Hamburg use and develop new technologies: The IT-service organisation DAKOSY introduces its software applications for various components of the transport chain, the HHLA project “Fuhre 2.0” is tested basally by accompanying a trucker on his workday. Our mascot, the seagull Peter Pickhuben, visits a high-tech logistics centre by DHL and experiences the automatized storage and distribution of packages in a self-attempt.

These and more fascinating topics are waiting for you in our magazine. If you are interested, we would be delighted to include you in our mailing list. Please send us an e-mail to or browse the digitalised e-paper version in our media library at Maybe you will pick up some ideas for your own digital logistics processes? Enjoy reading!

Digital Port: New issue of Port of Hamburg Magazine published