Czech Republic: hard lockdown until January 22, 2021

15 Jan 2021 00:00 Economy

Since December 27th, the highest Corona risk level has been in effect in the Czech Republic. For the time being, this Corona emergency will apply up to and including January 21st. This is reported by Vladimir Dobos, head of the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in Prague.

Hence, only a maximum of two people can meet in public. In addition, there is a curfew from 21 h until 5 h in the morning. Strict regulations also apply during the day. For example, only the work commute, shopping, seeing the doctor and to helping a close person is allowed.

Anyone moving in public must wear a mask in all public transport vehicles, at all stops, platforms and in public transport waiting rooms. This also applies in cars if the occupants are not from the same household. In addition, it applies to all publicly accessible places in residential areas of cities and municipalities, if the 2-meter distance between people cannot be maintained.

Despite the pandemic situation in 2020, the Czech Republic's foreign trade generated a surplus of 1.2 billion euros in November 2020. The surplus has never been this high within the year. Exports were also 8.1 per cent higher in November 2020, compared to the same month last year. Imports increased by 2.1 per cent. Vehicle trade, trade in metal products and the positive deficit in the oil and natural gas business had a positive impact on this.

Czech Republic: hard lockdown until January 22, 2021