Customer Information from Erurogate: MEASURES AGAINST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC

19 Mar 2020 00:00 Economy

Dear Customer, Dear Partner,

The coronavirus has now reached Germany, and it can be assumed that despite the measures taken to date, the number of infections will continue to climb. This makes it more important than ever for us to inform you about the current situation at Germany’s EUROGATE terminals.

In Germany, container terminals have been classified as system-relevant to the nation’s supply of goods, and thus are critical for the maintenance of public life. Hence, we will do everything in our power to maintain operations in our terminals. We are in ongoing dialogue with the relevant authorities and service providers.

Below we would like to inform you of the most significant protective measures we have taken, as well as the impact the situation is having on our terminal sites.

The following preventive measures have already been taken, amongst others:

  • •Set-up of corona crisis management groups as well as ongoing coordination with the health authorities
  • Implementation of strict hygienic requirements for all areas and employees, within the scope of a EUROGATE-internal pandemic preparedness plan
  • Strict/reinforced limitations on access to our terminal sites
  • Generation of internal preparedness plans for each operative area (e.g. home office in a suspected case of infection)
  • Massive reduction of business travels as well as business travel bans to the current risk regions
  • Reduced physical contact with customers, suppliers and visitors, and switch to video/phone communications
  • Postponement or cancellation of events and trade shows

What is the impact these are having on the handling of your containers?

  • As of today, the handling of containers is guaranteed without any limitations. In individual cases, it may come to limitations depending on how the situation develops.
  • The measures taken have largely prevented the infection to date of EUROGATE employees with the coronavirus. Over time, however, full isolation will not be Bremen, March 19, 2020 possible, so that we must also assume real or suspected cases of infection. The respective scenarios and safety concepts (e.g. immediate quarantine at home upon initial suspicion) have been prepared by the crisis team together with the health authorities and will be continually adapted to the current developments.
  • Should it come to delays within the supply chain in future due to the coronavirus and/or governmental measures, we apologise in advance.

We will continue to remain in contact with you to agree on possible alternatives and solutions in the event of limitations put in place, and we will try to keep any inconveniences that have arisen as a result as low as possible.

Should it come to major changes, limitations or even cancellations within your network, we ask you to please pass on this information to your individual contact person or customer advisor. In return, you will be immediately informed of any limitations or cancellations on our side. Unfortunately, interferences caused by force majeure cannot be ruled out in future.

We ask for your understanding and your collaboration in these turbulent times, and will keep you up to date as best as possible on all measures and impacts.

If you have any questions, your trusted contact person in sales is there for you.

Customer Information from Erurogate: MEASURES AGAINST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC

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