C.Steinweg Hamburg Celebrates Chipolbrok’s 50th Port Call

21 Jun 2021 15:40 Shipping News

Celebrating a milestone at the Port of Hamburg: the multi-purpose terminal operator C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) Hamburg rejoices over the 50th port call by liner shipping company Chipolbrok. A strong partnership signaling a positive future for the multi-purpose port.

For the Chinese-Polish shipping company Chipolbrok, June constitutes a month of anniversaries. Coinciding with the shipping company's 70th birthday, the 50th call of an export ship takes place in Hamburg after almost 5 years of partnership with C. Steinweg. The heavy-lift shipping company regularly connects Hamburg with the Indian subcontinent and the Far East. Since the end of 2016, all terminal activities in the Port of Hamburg have been entrusted to C. Steinweg. Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economic Affairs and Innovation of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, pays tribute to this occasion: "Long-standing partnerships like this one between terminals and shipping companies are the foundation of our multi-purpose port, which once again demonstrates its versatility and international relevance. Hamburg benefits from its strengthened economic ties with the Asian market. In combination with the multimodal connections and the universality of the port, we see high potential for general cargo traffic with Asia in particular."

"The cooperation with Chipolbrok was an important milestone for our business with Asia," confirms Rainer Fabian, Managing Director C. Steinweg Hamburg. He further explains: "Since the beginning, we have been able to continuously increase the total tonnage with Chipolbrok, and even in the wake of the pandemic, our handling volumes have remained stable. We share a close partnership and are delighted with the trust that has been placed in us for almost five years now." For Chipolbrok alone, an average of one ship per month is loaded and unloaded by C. Steinweg. All in all, just under 150,000 tonnes of cargo have been handled so far. Radoslaw Chmielinski, Director Shipping Division Chipolbrok highlights: “We’re happy to celebrate these two occasions at the same time in one of our basic ports in Europe. Ever since Hamburg played an important role in our liner service activities and together with C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) we are gladly looking forward to many more decades to come. Both companies stand for reliability, diversity and confidence which is a perfect fit for our future breakbulk operations in Germany.”

Currently, the WLADYSLAW ORKAN is moored at the C.Steinweg terminal. Amongst other things, it’s cargo includes steel products, industrial plant parts and components for the gas and energy sector. The goods are discharged in six ports, from Mumbai via Singapore to Shanghai. Axel Mattern, Chief Executive Officer Port of Hamburg Marketing, congratulates the captain of the "WLADYSLAW ORKAN", Capt. Slawomir Peek, together with Rainer Fabian on the anniversary call. With regard to the diverse types of goods that are loaded, he emphasises: "The breakbulk sector continues to be highly relevant to the shipping industry. As a multi-purpose terminal, C. Steinweg makes a vital contribution to establishing Hamburg as one of the leading transshipment centres for conventional breakbulk, consolidating its position as a multi-purpose port. We applaud both partners and look forward to welcoming general cargo vessels to the Port of Hamburg on a regular basis thanks to Chipolbrok."

C. Steinweg is integrated into the C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V. network and offers its customers a service mix of terminal operations, warehousing, logistics and services such as customs clearance. For the handling of all types of goods, the company can rely on four of its own berths, five of its own cranes with a combined lifting capacity of up to 300 tonnes and more than 100,000 square metres of warehouse space.

C.Steinweg Hamburg Celebrates Chipolbrok’s 50th Port Call

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