09 Apr 2020 00:00 Shipping News

  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY PACK: a new global range of adapted solutions for our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • DELAY IN TRANSIT: a new solution in the BUSINESS CONTINUITY PACK to temporarily store containers in a dedicated hub

As the COVID-19 pandemic affects all sectors of the world economy, the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, is taking action by launching the BUSINESS CONTINUITY PACK, a range of solutions to adapt and protect the supply chains of its customers.

With the BUSINESS CONTINUITY PACK, the CMA CGM Group provides comprehensive and customized solutions to:
- Adjust the pace of shipments by prioritizing the fast transportation of urgent shipments, in particular for food, medical or pharmaceutical products, and slowing non-urgent shipments (DELAY IN TRANSIT, SEAPRIORITY Go, Landspeed, solutions offered by CEVA Logistics, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group);
- Support business activity and protect cargo (NETWORKING Intermediation Services, SHIPFIN Trade Finance, SERENITY Cargo Value Guarantee, PHARMA Reefer Division and BARLOCK Security Device);
- Pursue business activity remotely with My CMA CGM, the online platform developed by the Group to manage the entire transport cycle.

CMA CGM offers DELAY IN TRANSIT, a new solution to provide enhanced flexibility and help alleviate current pressures experienced by customers during the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world. DELAY IN TRANSIT allows them to temporarily store their containers in a dedicated hub until the recipient is ready for them to arrive at the final destination shown on the bill of lading. With this new solution, clients can control and reduce costs related to warehousing and storage, as well as other expenses that can add up while their cargo is being transported.

DELAY IN TRANSIT is already available globally through the following hubs:
- Towards the Americas: Kingston
- Towards Northern Europe: Algeciras, Piraeus
- Towards the Western Mediterranean and the Adriatic: Algeciras, Malta
- Towards the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea: Tripoli (Lebanon), Malta
- Towards West Africa: Tanger Med
- In Asia and the Pacific: Singapore, Busan

Patricia Picini, Vice President – Global Sales & Customer Experience, CMA CGM Group, emphasized that: “The CMA CGM Group is fully mobilized and perfectly adapted to manage this extraordinary situation. For several weeks, we have deployed all necessary health measures to ensure the safety of our staff while offering the most adapted solutions to our customers. With the BUSINESS CONTINUITY PACK, the Group provides adapted and customized solutions to protect the supply chains of its customers during the pandemic."


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