CMA CGM launches the Baltic Levant Express service offering a direct connection between Saint Petersburg and the Eastern Mediterranean region

05.10.2016 13:00 Shipping News

CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping Group, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Baltic Levant Express service, starting May, 9th. Unique and innovative, it offers a direct connection between Saint Petersburg and the Eastern Mediterranean region and provides some of the market’s best transit times.
  • A service dedicated to the Eastern Mediterranean region - Northern Europe trade. 
    Thanks to this new service, CMA CGM links four major Northern European ports (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp and le Havre) to the main Eastern Mediterranean ports (Alexandria, Beirut, Mersin and Aliaga). New offer, Alexandria is now directly linked from le Havre in only 9 days.
  • An unmatched offer for Spanish citruses and vegetables exports towards Northern Europe. 
    Spanish citruses and vegetables producers will now benefit from new export solutions to Northern Europe thanks to new calls in Valencia and Cartagena. Transit times provided are among the best on the market: Cartagena is linked to Tilbury in only 5 days.
  • A global service offering transshipment opportunities towards worldwide markets. 
    ​Thanks to transshipment connections offered with other Group’s services in Valencia and Tangiers, West African, North American and South American markets are connected to the Eastern Mediterranean region with transit times shortened by a week and a single transshipment.

Six 1,750 to 1,850 TEU-capacity vessels will operate the following rotation: Saint Petersburg, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, Malta, Alexandria, Beirut, Mersin, Aliaga, Valencia, Cartagena, Tangiers, Tilbury, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Saint Petersburg.

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