Cable tanks loaded from barge to Chipolbrok Moon

02.12.2019 13:29 Shipping News

Not so much the weight, but rather the precise handling of the cable tanks required the utmost attention while loading the MV "CHIPOLBROK MOON"  in the Port of Hamburg.

Four cable tanks with a unit weight of 110 tons and dimensions of 6.06 x 7.31 m had been delivered environmentally friendly by inland waterway vessel. Their dimensions fitted into one of the eight subspaces on the port side of the ship. With a load capacity of max. 320 tons per deck crane, it was no great challenge to lift these parcels. In fact, the challenge was to lift two tanks very carefully at the same time and not disturb their cable connection. This required a high level of concentration from the crane drivers and meant moments of great tension for Captain Huang Yizhou, his cargo officer and the shipping company's most experienced Super Cargo, Captain Robert Kobylecki, who supervised the ship's planning and movements on board.
Never on Mondays - but contrary to this wisdom everything went smoothly that Monday.

The cargo hold was then completed with two of a total of 12 highly sensitive cooling appliances, each weighing 10 tons and up to 13.80 meters long. The lower chamber was only closed after the lashing gang had finished its securing and bracing work so that the cargo on board was optimally secured against slipping.  Shortly thereafter, the ship was given free pratique and was thus ready for sea.
The MV "CHIPOLBROK MOON" was built and commissioned in Shanghai in 2004. It is one of the 15 heavy-lift carriers flying the flag of Chipolbrok. Its sister ships frequently serve the northern European continent, primarily Antwerp and Hamburg.
After its departure from Hamburg, the freighter entered the port of Leixoes to load wind turbines destined for India. After completion of loading in Portugal, the ship continued on to Italy to receive additional cargo in Ravenna and Porto Marghera, including so-called shells and Y-rings. After passing through the Suez Canal, the freighter was unloaded at the port of Karachi. Following this journey, the MV "CHIPOLBROK MOON" will serve further ports in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and finally the main Chinese ports. From there, a new job will be assigned in mid-April, which will take the ship on another voyage around the world.

Kabeltanks vom Binnenschiff auf die Chipolbrok Moon verladen


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