Business Figures 2015: HPA implements investment programme

21 Jul 2016 12:41 Economy

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has invested 227.7 million Euros overall into the infrastructure of the Port of Hamburg in 2015. Main drivers are the projects traffic connection Burchardkai, the new railway bridge Kattwyk, the adjustment of the outer port entry as well as the Rethebrücke bascule bridge. The construction programme of the port railway primarily saw the renewal of rails and switches of the Waltershof and Hohe Schaar train stations. The Peutebahnbrücke was also completed as part of the restructuring. In addition, 15.3 million Euros were invested into HPA machinery and equipment. In this context, the commissioning of the launches “Christian Nehls” and “Johann Reinke” is particularly worth mentioning.
Sales increased by 5.3 million Euros compared to the previous year.  This positive development is due to increased rental rates (+3.4 million Euros) and the increase in revenue in port operations (+1.8 million Euros). Compared to the previous year, the HPA’s annual deficit of -54.3 million Euros decreased by almost 50 million Euros. “This effect is due to the structural change in financing. Since the last capital injection from the so-called HHLA Billion in 2014, grants are now credited to the income statement again”, explains Tino Klemm, Director Finance and Property and member of the HPA Management Board.
Expansion of the information and communication technology
In addition, the HPA has further expanded their information and communication technology. As an example, the IT support set up for the Vessel Traffic Service Centre in 2014 was further complemented with an interactive touchscreen table.
In the beginning of 2015, the project SPL (smartPORT logistics) was opened to the market. SPL is an IT solution which allows businesses, partners and customers of the port to be closer connected at the level of traffic management. By opening up the SPL services to all parties involved in the transport chain, the Port of Hamburg lays the foundation to increase its quality and efficiency as a vital part of the supply chain. For its pilot project SPL, the HPA was awarded in the nationwide innovation competition “A Place of Excellence in the Land of Ideas” 2015, with Federal President Joachim Gauck acting as patron.


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