10-year anniversary - PCC Intermodal further expands services from and to Hamburg

13 Feb 2020 16:14 Hinterland

10 years ago, PCC Intermodal (PCCI) started its adventure on the intermodal field to/from Hamburg connecting inland Poland with the most famous Baltic Port on the Westbank. For that decade there were over 4.500 PCCI trains organised and almost 200.000 containers delivered in this corridor to/from various regions in Poland, including: Central Poland, Lower Silesia, Upper Silesia, Podkarpatia.
PCCI slowly started their service, ensuring regular services twice a week and then enlarging it to four regular trains per week. Last year they even operated a service five times a week, so this year it is possible to offer six regular services.

The Port of Hamburg is a very important economic region for Poland. Although the last decade was extremely booming for Polish ports, it is a significant trade point in the global transport map. All PCCI trains going to or from Hamburg are being organised by the Frankfurt Oder Terminal, which became the main gate due to reliable and stable services. The potential of this connection was noticed not only by Polish and German entrepreneurs but also Chinese, who used the opportunity to facilitate their deliveries to many regions by using PCCI solution.
There are six people coordinating all PCCI flows in Hamburg. Accordingly, they are working constantly together with the Port Authorities, local clients and company partners. In addition, they are reporting the operations on a daily basis to the company HQ in Gdynia. PCC Intermodal intent to stay stable with the daily deliveries to/from Hamburg in relation with all the Polish economic regions and Eastern Europe. Currently, there are two regular trains per week delivering containers from Hamburg to Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan etc.

10-year anniversary - PCC Intermodal further expands services from and to Hamburg

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