Strengthening hinterland transport by rail

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Strengthening hinterland transport by rail: A visit to the Container Terminal Osnabrück

The state-of-the-art Container Terminal Osnabrück with 100,000 square metres of space and 3,500 metres of track has been in operation since November 2021 and has thus completed the gap in the landscape of combined transport terminals in northwest Germany. The partnership between public companies such as the Dortmund and Osnabrück public utilities, private investors and local freight forwarders is particularly exciting. The first maritime connection to be integrated into TFG's Albatros network was to Hamburg. 

The declared goal of the CTOS terminal operator is to strengthen hinterland transport by rail. We visited the terminal and met one of the terminal's managing directors, Björn Tiemann, and TFG Trans Fracht's North-East Regional Manager, Frank Gedat, who showed us around and explained how this can be achieved.

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