Start for the fairway adjustment of the Elbe

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The fairway adjustment of the Elbe has officially started. The start signal was given by, among others, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. The fairway, i.e. the part of the Elbe used for shipping, will be deepened from Hamburg to the mouth of the Elbe and widened in some places. The aim of the adjustment is to make the port of Hamburg more accessible. In the future, container ships with a draught of up to 13.50 m will be able to reach the Port of Hamburg independently of the tide and even with a draught of up to 14.50 m on the tidal wave. In contrast to the previous deepening of the Elbe fairway, this time there is an extensive river engineering concept to dampen the tidal energy and thus prevent major changes in flow and water levels. The fairway adjustment is a joint project of the HPA and the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration.