Port of Hamburg in 2019 - An Outlook (Part I)

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What is happening in the Port of Hamburg in 2019? A lot - that's what the first episode of smartPort TV shows. Jens Meier, CEO of HPA, and presenter Matthias Wolk drove through the port on the "Hafenkapitän" and talked about the upcoming topics for this year. For the HPA, the repair of the St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel is a matter close to the heart. In spring, the Hamburg residents can use the newly renovated east tunnel for the first time. The HPA manages around 50 ships and 40 barges for the Port of Hamburg - this year the fleet is growing to include multifunctional fire-fighting vessels with environmentally friendly hybrid propulsion. Another important topic for 2019 is the adaptation of the fairway. This year, the fairway will be widened so that large ships can meet each other safely in oncoming traffic. One of the most important construction projects in the Port of Hamburg is the new Kattwyk railway bridge. A good example of modern and smart traffic management in the port. Part 1 of the outlook gives an interesting insight into the port year 2019!