Port of Hamburg in 2019 - An Outlook (Part 2)

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The Port of Hamburg is getting ready for the future. This becomes clear in the second part of the 2019 annual outlook on smartPort TV. HPA managing director Jens Meier takes presenter Matthias Wolk on the "Hafenkapitän" through the harbour and talks about the plans. The first stop is the Köhlbrand Bridge, which has been one of the most important transport axes in the Port of Hamburg since its inauguration in 1974. But by the year 2030 it is no longer considered economically viable. HPA Managing Director Meier reports on the current status and gives an insight into considerations for the new Köhlbrand crossing. The locomotive service is already new and expanded. This is intended to reduce the number of locomotive trips by more than a third. Hamburg has become one of the hotspots of the cruise industry and is now one of the most important cruise ports in the world. And a new cruise terminal is under construction. Reducing emissions is also an important issue. The Port of Hamburg is taking this issue very seriously: there is already a shore-side power plant and the possibility of supplying ships with low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG) during their laytime. Digitisation is also an important future topic for the Port of Hamburg. The latest network technology, 5G, is being tested here. In addition, the Green4transPort project is intended to test the intelligent networking of vehicles with each other and with dynamically controlled traffic lights for the first time. With the "Port Wings" project, the HPA wants to investigate how drones can be integrated into everyday port life. In part 2 of the annual outlook 2019 one learns a lot of interesting things about the future-oriented exciting topics in the port of Hamburg!