Development of the Port of Hamburg Part 2 - Growth despite crises

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The second part of the "Development of the Port of Hamburg" shows how the port defied various crises and managed to keep on growing. We go on a discovery tour with HPA historian Daniel Jahn. In the Museum of Hamburg History, models show what it looked like in past times. On a tour of the port we discover with Daniel Jahn evidence of this port history. In the more than 830 years of history there have always been times when crises had to be overcome. Hamburg, for example, suffered greatly from the cholera epidemic at the end of the 19th century, and the port had to close down in the meantime. The unbelievable catastrophe of the Second World War also affected the port - not only through ship losses and a decline in cargo handling, but also reconstruction was a huge challenge. But it has been shown: The port has mastered all crises and emerged from them stronger. We show the development of the Port of Hamburg in two episodes of "PORT IS WHAT WE DO". Episode 1 shows the beginnings, this episode shows the successful development despite crises until today.