General cargo vessel MS Bleichen

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The motor vessel BLEICHEN is a listed general cargo ship in good condition. The ship was built in 1958 at the Nobiskrug shipyard in Rendsburg for the Hamburg shipping company H. M. Gehrckens (H. M. G.). The BLEICHEN mainly sailed the Baltic Sea.
Since 2013, the general cargo ship has been listed as a technical cultural monument in Hamburg. Today, the BLEICHEN is permanently moored in the Hansa Harbour at Shed 50 and is maintained, kept in service, and presented to the public by a volunteer crew.
This task is carried out by the association "Freunde des Stückgutfrachters MS BLEICHEN e.V.", which was founded in 2007.
Since 2018, the freighter has been sailing again: guest cruises and charters are offered, where you can experience historic seamanship and maritime culture in motion!
We accompanied this year's spring voyage and captured the best impressions in our #PORTmovie. Have fun watching!

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