Port of Hamburg Magazine 3.2016

Less is more - describes the project & plant and heavy-lift segment very well. When we talk pure statistics, it only makes up a small proportion of total handling in the Port of Hamburg, but this cargo is an important economic factor that characterises the universal character of our port.

Four special terminals in the Port of Hamburg, and other handling specialists in the greater Hamburg region, in addition to a wealth of service providers, from heavy-lift haulage contractors to packing companies, have all gained long-term experience over the years in handling these high value-added cargos. They contribute greatly to the good name and performance of the Port of Hamburg.
The current issue of the Port of Hamburg Magazine would like to take you on a journey into the world of heavy-lift and project & plant cargo. We will look at current market developments, illustrate the challenges in delivering shipments and shed light on the difficult situation of the heavy-lift shipping lines. We will introduce you to people who will give us insights into their daily work. 
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