Port Shipping: Barges and Lighters

Fast and Flexible on Hamburg Waterways

Traffic within the Port of Hamburg is handled by port shipping companies. For example, these transport cargoes on tours between the terminals. They also supply industrial firms lacking any facilities for handling ocean-going ships.  Barges and push-lighters enable port shipping companies to deliver containerized, bulk and general cargoes at virtually any quayside facility. Some companies also offer towed pontoons, special lighters and barges for shifting floating equipment used in, e.g. dredging.


Floating crane performs heavy-duty work

In the Port of Hamburg and along the whole Lower Elbe two floating cranes take on heavy-duty work. Everywhere where project cargo or heavy lifts cannot be handled by quayside cranes or container gantry cranes because of weight restrictions or out of gauge cargo, the floating cranes take on the job. In tandem they can lift a load of up to 300 tons. On the longer side of each of the rectangular pontoons there is a special propeller, which makes manoeuvring precisely to the millimetre possible.
Floating crane HHLA IV weighs 2,750 tons and can lift up to 200 tons. It was built in 1957 and is still top form today.
Floating crane HHLA III weighing 2,750 tons, built in 1941, with a height of 76 metres and a lifting height of 48 metres can lift up to 100 tons. It is also a regular guest in the grand parade as the vessels leave the port during the Port of Hamburg birthday celebrations. The crane, bathed in a mystic blue light, also takes part in the Blue Ports events. 

Schwimmkran im EinsatzSchwimmkran im Einsatz