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The Port of Hamburg – important transhipment point for Polish foreign trade

The Port of Hamburg has played a significant role for Polish foreign trade for decades. Thanks to its proximity to the Polish market, huge variety of maritime connections and transparent customs procedures, it is regarded as a preferable transport hub for many customers. In the first half of 2023 Poland was the 4th largest Hamburg’s trade partner in container traffic and it is estimated that over 10 percent of the Polish containerized trade is routed via Hamburg.

Its unique position is connected to the fact that Poland is one of very few countries, which are connected to Hamburg over both sea and land. That offers high flexibility of using all possible means of transport to or from this port, including both environmentally friendly feeder ship and train, as well as quick deliveries by truck.

The largest part of container traffic – in 2023 it was just under 269.000 TEU – is transported by feeder ships on regular liner services connecting Hamburg with container terminals in Gdansk, Gdynia, and Szczecin via Kiel canal. At the same time a substantial number of containers is transported on the land side, especially by rail, and the number of container trains is increasing. There are already ca. 30 block trains connecting Hamburg with Poland every week (ca. 96,000 TEU in 2023), which are complemented by a large number of trucks carrying Polish imports and exports (40,000 TEU in 2023).

Poland is also a gateway for containers arriving from China along the New Silk Road, which proved to be an important alternative to both sea and air freight. Hamburg is benefitting from efficient railway connections with the rail hub in Malaszewicze at the Polish eastern border with Belarus. As a result of that it became a prime destination for containerized traffic from China in Germany.

In addition, bulk goods (such as grain), project cargoes or ro-ro cargoes are also transported to and from Poland via the Port of Hamburg.

The most imported and exported goods mainly include chemical products, food, and beverages as well as machinery, other finished goods, furniture, and electrical products.

Activities of HHR Warsaw

The Port of Hamburg has had its own representative office in Warsaw, the Polish capital, since 1996. This aims to maintain and expand contacts between the Port of Hamburg business community and customers, shippers, institutions, trade associations and public sector agencies on the spot.

The representative office also advises member companies interested in the Polish market, creates networks, organizes and supports events, and provides news in Poland of the latest developments in Germany’s largest all-purpose port.

The office is also the initial point of contact for Polish firms and universities wishing to have itineraries organized for the Port of Hamburg and other ports in the Metropolitan Region. Among the highlights is the annual Port Evening in Warsaw that has become established as a traditional industry gathering. This is accompanied by the “Hamburg for Practitioners” customer function.



Maciej Brzozowski

Maciej Brzozowski

Head of the Representative Office

+48 22 6546 007

Since 2002 I have been advising Polish companies on everything to do with the Port of Hamburg. I also take care of our members who want to become active in the Polish market. Customer satisfaction is my highest priority.

Emilia Przybył

Emilia Przybył

Assistant Representative Office

+48 22 6546 008

I have been taking care of the Warsaw office, organizing events and publishing news from the Port of Hamburg since 2008. I enjoy spending my leisure time with my family, friends and a good book.


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