HHR South Germany and Switzerland

The Port of Hamburg – “Gateway to the World” for Bavaria

The Port of Hamburg has been a leader in overseas exports and imports to and from southern Germany for many years. For the strongly export-oriented economy of this region, the very good transport connections by rail between Germany's largest seaport and the production sites are of particular advantage. International, but also well-positioned medium-sized companies, a high willingness to innovate and invest as well as an above-average developed service sector ensure a stable trade.

The main types of goods exported include automotive components, machinery as well as chemicals and pharmaceutical products and vehicles. Imports are mainly consumer goods, textiles, machinery and electrotechnical articles.

Around 660,000 TEU are handled annually via the Port of Hamburg. More than 70 percent of the goods handled in Hamburg for Bavaria are transported by rail. Baden-Württemberg contributes around 300,000 TEU per year to transhipment in the Port of Hamburg.

Activities of HHR South Germany and Switzerland

Since 1961, the Port of Hamburg has had its own representative office in Munich to establish and maintain contacts with companies, associations, institutions and transport ministries in Bavaria.

The representative office advises member companies interested in the southern German and Swiss market, creates networks, organises and supports events and provides information in its market region about current developments in Germany's largest all-purpose port. In addition, the representative office is the first point of contact for southern German and Swiss companies and universities to organise visitor programmes around the Port of Hamburg and the ports of the metropolitan region.

In addition, there are presentations at events organised by network partners, in which the efficiency of the Port of Hamburg and its companies as well as its hinterland connections are presented.


Karin Lengenfelder

Karin Lengenfelder

Head of the Representative Office*

Germany South
0821 8998394 1

Working for the Port of Hamburg in my Bavarian homeland combines the best of two worlds. The strong economic areas of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland are closely linked to the port. This relationship needs to be developed further.

Tony Michaela Mark

Tony Michaela Mark

Assistant Representative Office

Germany South
0821 8998394 2

As assistant I share responsibility for the internal and organizational processes at our representative office. I have been supporting the head of the representative office in our diverse field of activities since 2011.


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