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The Port of Hamburg – Traditional cargo hub for Czech/Slovak foreign trade

Hamburg and the Czech Republic can look back on a long relationship. Since the 14th century, Hamburg has been one of the most important trading partners and the most significant transhipment port for Czech and Slovak foreign trade. In 2022, nearly 500,000 TEU were moved in hinterland traffic with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, of which over 480,000 TEU were moved by rail. With a share of almost 95 percent, rail is thus the most important mode of transport.

More than 130 direct container trains run weekly between the Port of Hamburg and HUBs in the Czech Republic/Slovakia. The connection by truck via the E 55 freeway via Dresden is also good. For greater use of the Elbe waterway, it is necessary to carry out the necessary repair and expansion measures to ensure constant, year-round navigability of the navigation channel.

Activities of HHR Prague

Since 1990, the staff at the Prague location have represented the interests of Hamburg's seaport transport industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The experts have their "ear to the market" and maintain good contacts with numerous companies from industry and trade, the transport and logistics sector, as well as with business organizations, trade associations and political decision-makers, in order to provide information on current developments in the universal port of Hamburg.

The continuous development and expansion of contacts also benefits the members of the marketing organization, who are regularly provided with market and industry data from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Further services for members include, for example, establishing contacts with potential customers and organizing and preparing customer visits or events. Hafen Hamburg Marketing organizes several events in the Czech/Slovak region every year.

One of the highlights is the Port of Prague Evening. In addition, the representative office is the first point of contact for Czech and Slovak forwarding companies, producers, trade associations and universities to organize visitor programs around the Port of Hamburg and the ports of the metropolitan region. In addition, the office gives presentations at events organized by network partners to showcase the capabilities of the Port of Hamburg and its companies.


Vladimír Doboš

Vladimír Doboš

Head of the Representative Office

+420 224 891 300

Since 2001 I have had real pleasure taking care of Czech and Slovakian customers of the Port of Hamburg, spreading awareness of its advantages.

Petra Vlachová

Petra Vlachová

Assistant Representative Office

+420 224 891 298

I really enjoy the diverse requirements as an assistant at the Prague representative office. I am in contact with members, customers and the press and organize various events.


Port of Hamburg Marketing

Representative Office Prague

Prvního pluku 8a/621

186 00 Praha 8

Czech Republic

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