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The Port of Hamburg – Traditional cargo hub for Czech/Slovak foreign trade

Hamburg and what is now the Czech Republic can look back on a long association. Hamburg has been one of the region’s most important trading partners and a significant transhipment port for Czech and Slovakian foreign trade since the 14th century.

In 2021 over 500,000 TEU were transported on hinterland services with the Czech Republic. Of these, approx. 480,000 TEU went by rail. With a share of almost 95 percent, rail is therefore the most important carrier. Over 100 direct container block trains run weekly between the Port of Hamburg and the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The truck connection along the E55 autobahn via Dresden is also excellent. If the Elbe is to be increasingly used as a waterway, implementation of the required maintenance and upgrading works will be essential if constant navigability of the channel throughout the year is to be guaranteed.

Activities of the Port of Hamburg representative office in Prague

Staff based in Prague have represented the interests of Hamburg’s seaport industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1990. These experts have their ear to the ground. They maintain good contacts to numerous firms in trade and industry, the transport and logistics sector, as well as trade organizations and political decision-makers, briefing these on the latest developments in the Port of Hamburg.
Being regularly supplied with fresh market and sector data from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our members also profit from the continual forging and expansion of such contacts. Arranging of contacts with potential customers, as well as organisation and preparation of customers visits/events are other helpful services for members.

Port of Hamburg Marketing annually organizes several events in the Czechia/Slovakia region. Among the highlights are the Prague Port Evening and the biennial events “Czech and Slovak Day” and “The Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Partner for your cargo”. The office is also the initial point of contact for Czech and Slovak firms and universities wishing to have visitor programs organized for the Port of Hamburg and other ports in the Metropolitan Region. In addition, lectures presenting the range of services of the Port of Hamburg and firms there are delivered at events staged by network partners.


Pan Hua

Pan Hua

Representative China, Japan, Korea

+86 21 6875 8705

I support our members on all questions arising with China. Facing the challenge of placing Hamburg port operating companies optimally in this complex growth market is a pleasure.

Michael Wunderlich

Michael Wunderlich

Deputy Director

+86 21 68758502

In order to master the versatile and challenging tasks and processes, professionalism and seriousness are our top priority. I’m looking forward support your activities in China.


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