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The Port of Hamburg – Significant hub for Central/Eastern German freight traffic

  • The Port of Hamburg is Central/Eastern Germany’s most important export port, primarily for containerized freight, but also for bulk and general cargo. The most important sectors of industry are traditional machinery, plant and vehicle building, along with the chemical and mining industries. However, new technological sectors, e.g. photovoltaic equipment and wind power, are of growing importance.
    Hamburg as an all-purpose port profits particularly from the well-developed transport infrastructure in the ‘new’ Eastern states. Centres of trade and industry in Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin/Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are very well linked with the Hamburg Metropolitan Region via efficient trimodal terminals. Container block trains run several times a day between the regional terminals and the Port of Hamburg. Rail with an over 67 percent share is the main carrier for freight from Saxony, which along with Saxony-Anhalt is also linked with the Port of Hamburg by inland waterway vessels on regular liner services. Oversize freight up to 7.50 metres high can also be transported on the Elbe and the Elbe Lateral Canals.

    In addition, every state in Germany is extremely well linked with the Port of Hamburg via the autobahns. Filling the gaps in the autobahn network, for example on the A14 from Magdeburg via Wittenberge to Schwerin, will improve connections with other regions.

Activities of the Port of Hamburg representative office in Dresden

  • The interests of Hamburg’s seaport industry have been promoted in the former Eastern states ever since 1990. Staff based in Dresden maintain intensive contacts with firms in trade and industry, the transport and logistics sector, trade associations and decision-makers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Berlin/Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia. They aim to brief these on the latest developments in the Port of Hamburg and build up new business relationships. Being regularly supplied with fresh market and sector data, our members also profit from such intensive coverage of the market. Other services for members include arranging contacts with potential customers as well as organizing and preparing customers visits and events.

    Port of Hamburg Marketing annually organizes several events in the ‘new’ Eastern states of Germany. The focus here is on interchange of markets, data and contacts between those attending. In addition, lectures presenting the excellent performance of the Port of Hamburg and companies there are delivered at events hosted by its network partners.

    • Stefan Kunze

      Stefan Kunze

      Head of the Representative Office

      +49 351 6538 132


      Since 2010, I have been representing the interests of our members in eastern Germany. For me it is important to support ecological transport chains, keeping pace with growth.

    • Antje Göhler

      Antje Göhler

      Assistant Representative Office

      +49 351 6538 131


      I have been supporting the representative office in Dresden since 2004. As the first point of contact for the Port of Hamburg in the East Germany region, it is my concern to keep all market participants well informed and to bring them closer to the various services of the largest German seaport. Personal contact with our members and customers is very important to me.

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