Dein Hafen Dein Job
Our selection of job profiles provides an insight into the variety of career opportunities in the Port of Hamburg.
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Your Port Your Job

The Port of Hamburg is as vibrant as it is diverse. This is especially clear when it comes to the many different professions and jobs the port offers. While leafing through this issue of the Port of Hamburg Magazine, the dedication of the employees at the Port of Hamburg is particularly impressive. It is their motivation, commitment and team spirit that makes the port such a special place to work.

A key reason for this high level of dedication is the modern approach to work that is upheld by employers at the port. They strive to gain and promote new talent. Besides contemporary workplaces, they provide their employees excellent support and attach great importance to developing their future specialist and managerial staff.

Our selection of job profiles offers a glimpse at the wide variety of professional opportunities available at the Port of Hamburg. But it doesn’t end there – countless other exciting avenues exist for embarking on a varied and modern career in the port environment. One example of this is the further training and professional development at ma-co, a learning provider who works closely with its partners to develop and place new and attractive job profiles.