Port and Climate
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Port of Hamburg Magazine: Port and Climate

The Port of Hamburg is in a process of transition to being a climate-neutral location – as impressively demonstrated by numerous initiatives from such companies based here, e.g. HHLA with its Container Terminal Altenwerder.

HPA is rapidly striding ahead. Since 2016 Hamburg’s port administration has been one of the leading institutions in creating shore-based power units. Those responsible made a start at Altona Cruise Terminal. The experience of recent years is now flowing into the building of shore-based power units at container terminals. These should be completed next year. At the same time, HPA is in the process of converting its entire fleet to alternative propulsion, step by step. That does not affect just its ships. Only a few days ago, HPA received its first electric truck, a Nikola Tre. A total of 25 are planned.

In parallel with companies in the port, shipping lines are urgently working on converting their vessels to more environment-friendly fuels. Methanol seems to be the favoured one at the moment. Some of them are also using biofuels as a temporary solution, while at the same time researching synthetic fuels.