Gobal Chances
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Port of Hamburg Magazine: Global Chances

We are seeing an upheaval in world markets. Crises in quick succession have made supply chains fragile and sparked an energy crisis – at least for Europe.

This was a shock, both for companies with international operations, and also many countries. To counter such occurrences better in future, they aim to position themselves more broadly. The keyword there is resilience. Current deliberations will have an effect on world markets.

For economist Vincent Stamer of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the extent of this is not yet certain. In his analysis, however, he sees initial pointers to possible shifts in international trade flows. As inventor of the Kiel Trade Indicator, this is his area of expertise.

China as the Port of Hamburg’s top trading partner will in future be playing a major part in international trade, and therefore also for us. A few countries could follow suit too. Forecasts by many experts predict a diversification on world markets in the next five to ten years. The SE Asian region, Africa and America offer numerous old, also new, fields for action.