Three new projects for ‘green’ ports
As part of the project, ma-co is creating new training programmes for greater sustainability.
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Three new projects for ‘green’ ports

Port of Hamburg Marketing is involved in three European projects to promote the decarbonisation of ports.

The transport of goods and commodities should soon be climate-neutral. Efforts to achieve this goal are underway, wiht both the ports and the companies based there bearing the responsibility to pioneer innovative solutions. The project department of Port of Hamburg Marketing is actively supporting three initiatives funded by the European Union's Interreg North Sea Programme.

One of these initiatives, the "Green Supply Chains" (GSC) project, is focused on harnessing synergies in the electrification strategies of both (inland) ports and their neighboring regions. Within this project, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), a member of HHM, is exploring the expansion of shore-side power solutions in the port for a broader range of customers. Running until 2026, the project will also cover hinterland transport, where the technology will play a pivotal role in advancing decarbonization efforts. As part of this comprehensive initiative, the HHM member aims to enhance existing booking tools for combined transport, simplifying the process of booking and utilizing rail transport.

The "Shore Power In European Shipping" (SPIES) project complements the GSC's endeavors, concentrating on formulating an action plan for the systematic expansion of shore power supply for inland and coastal vessels. Until the project's conclusion in 2025, the HPA and the Federal Association of Public Inland Ports are providing advisory support to the project consortium. Provinciale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (POM) Limburg is overseeing the management of the project.

The third project focuses more on the soft skills of the workforce. "Skills for a Green Industrial Transition" (GRIT) is an education and training programme for qualified technicians to support the green industrial transition in the port sector. As the vocational training centre of the Port of Hamburg, HHM member company 'ma-co - maritime- competence centre' will work with GRIT to identify future skills requirements in the Port of Hamburg and develop courses to meet these needs. This project will be managed by the Province of Antwerp until 2025.

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