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    „Auge in Auge mit den Giganten“ / (Face to Face with the Giants)
    Port of Hamburg for Insiders

    Experience Germany´s largest seaport from a totally new perspective. Port terminals around the world have become highly restricted areas, which means to the public: “Off Limits!”. Not for us. Jasper – the oldest bus company in Hamburg – shows you in cooperation with the largest terminal operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG/HHLA exclusively the Port of Hamburg backstage.
    In the first part, the three hours bus tour gives an idea about the development of the Port of Hamburg over more than 800 years like in a journey of times. The age of conventional quayside handling revives in the historic warehouse town and along the so called “50th sheds”. From the Köhlbrand suspension bridge you will enjoy the fascinating view over the port from a height of almost sixty meters above the water level. And afterwards, our drivers turn on the caution lights on top of our bus and – were others only stand behind the fences – we bring you right into the action: huge container gantry cranes, hochbeinige Van Carrier, driverless transport platforms – let yourself be carried away into the thrilling world of logistics.

    We can choose between 4 different terminals

    • Container Terminal Burchardkai/CTB Hamburgs oldest and largest terminal for container handling, turning almost every third box in the port. 
    • Container Terminal Altenwerder/CTA is an impressive example for fully automated logistics. At close range we show you driverless, automated guided   transport platforms (AGV) driving containers between the stacking blocks and the waterfront.
    • The multipurpose terminal O’Swaldkai turns every year over 500.000 tons of tropical fruit as well as wheeled cargo and Out-of-gauge-cargo.
    • Hansaport is Germany´s largest seaport-terminal for bulk cargo, handling ore and coal. Unspectacular from outside but sheer high-tech from inside.
    The selection of terminals depends on availability.  
    During the tour, qualified tour-guides explain live all technical and logistical details and leave no questions unanswered.


    Regular tours for individuals in German

    Charter tours for groups in German, English, French and other languages on request.
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    Friedr. Jasper Rund- und Gesellschaftsfahrten GmbH

    Billbrookdeich 140-146
    22113 Hamburg

    Phone: +49 40 22710610