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WindEnergy Hamburg to Highlight Latest Component Technology Advances And Customized Developments

The 7 - 8MW class rapidly becomes state-of-the-art for offshore wind, and for large-scale onshore a new 3.6 - 5MW ‘superclass’ is emerging. For these installations as well as smaller-size volume turbines matching component solutions are required. Reliable components are essential during all stages of a turbine’s manufacture, installation and use phase, and either outcomes of evolutionary small-step development or breakthrough innovation, and in-house products as well as externally sourced. From 27 to 30 September 2016, the WindEnergy Hamburg trade fair will showcase an impressive range of components and accessories for the wind industry. A major portion of the leading international wind industry expo’s 1,200 exhibitors will present innovative components and custom-engineered technology for onshore and offshore wind turbines.
One comprehensive product category is mechanical, mechanical-electric, mechanical-hydraulic and electronic components, especially concentrated in Halls 5 and 6. Many leading suppliers will explain on structural components like hub and main carrier castings, gearboxes up to 8MW, main shafts, pitch and yaw bearings and motors, and hydraulic cylinders and accumulators. Among many specialized WindEnergy Hamburg exhibitors are world market leaders like for instance ESM. This company presents its latest innovations in elastomer-type dampening technology solutions, and also isolating components for structure-borne wind turbine noise.
Nordex will present details on two new turbines at the world’s leading expo for wind energy: further developments of the 3-MW N117/3000 and N131/3000 models with a 20% increase in power rating to 3.6MW. Spokesperson Felix Losada said that again a common double fed induction generator is applied, now (one of) the highest rated in the onshore market, and the turbines retain their high-speed drivetrain concept. Generators fit into a second main products category of mechanical-electrical components, also including converters, switchgear, transformers, connectors and cabling. Leading generator suppliers like ABB, Elin, Ingeteam, Siemens, The Switch and VEM, will inform visitors on specific product features and benefits of various generator types with regard to efficiency, and compliance to current and future grid codes.
The main focus in Hall B5 is at gearboxes and other mechanical components. Here, companies like ZF and other world leading exhibitors including Winergy and NGC will display and explain on their latest product innovations.
Bearing technology specialist Eolotec displays a compact rotor support solution called Main Bearing Unit (MBU). Eolotec CEO Wolfgang Losert said: “Our latest innovation is Premesy, a bearing preload measurement system that ensures retaining constant preload under all circumstances. After our first successful WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 fair we decided to return this time with a larger booth showing a full-scale MBU to give visitors a clear idea of our capabilities. Hamburg is for us the right location for presenting innovations to an international audience.”
Exhibitors Ventur, Max Bögl, Lagerwey, and Enercon will present their largest onshore concrete-steel hybrid and wide-base bolted-steel tower designs for hub heights of 150m and more. Specialist manufacturers like EEW and Bladt will inform visitors about their heavy-duty offshore substructures.
The 88.4-metre rotor blade for Adwen’s 8MW turbine sets together with 180-metre rotor diameter new size records. Adwen partnered with LM Wind Power for designing one out of two outsourced blades. LM will explain on specific LM 88.4 P product features like a new resin that allows integrating glass and carbon in a single composite structure. Both partners will inform professional visitors about the new ‘hybrid technology’ being a key enabler in achieving a favourable 33-ton blade mass. Adwen will also explain on test results with other main components including gearboxes and generators.
New early warning and control systems
Leine Linde Systems presents its further developed IPMS 2.0 ice prevention and monitoring system, which continuously measures ambient temperature and humidity while a camera monitors blades, nacelle, and turbine surroundings.
MTS Systems will showcase testing technology and specialist support experience for critical improvements in turbine performance and durability. A fully operational MTS Criterion® universal test system for composite materials tests will be supplemented by additional displays dedicated to blade, bearing and drivetrain testing. “This is achieved by evaluating advanced composites and alloys, blades, drivetrains, bearings, or structural components”, explained application engineer Sven Sagner: “The main benefit we see in WindEnergy Hamburg is the opportunity for customers to discuss their unique testing requirements face-to-face with our test and simulation experts.”
The WindEurope Summit will be held in parallel with WindEnergy Hamburg for the first time, at CCH - Congress Center Hamburg, which is located right next to the Hamburg Fair site. Components is also a main theme of the conference programme, like for instance in the session: “Components reliability and diagnostics: early detection and intervention is key!“ More Information on the conference is shown at https://windeurope.org/summit2016/conference/programme/
WindEnergy Hamburg and HUSUM Wind
WindEnergy Hamburg will be held at the Hamburg Fair site from 27 to 30 September 2016. This leading international expo for onshore and offshore wind reflects the global market and the whole of the value chain. It is the meeting point for decision makers from all parts of the world. HUSUM Wind will be held at the German North Sea coast from 12 to 15 September 2017 in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, which is a front runner in the wind industry. The focus of HUSUM Wind is the German speaking market. It is the traditional meeting point for intensive exchanges within the industry and for practice-oriented value added. For more information, please visit the websites windenergyhamburg.com and husumwind.com.


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