• 24. Mai 2016
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Shipping 4.0

Autonomous ships, smart on-board systems: At the Maritime Future Summit on 5 September, industry leaders will discuss the future of shipping. For the first time SMM hosts a conference dedicated to digital shipping.
Cyber Ships: What may sound like a word from a science fiction novel to some is a hot topic in the maritime business world today. Low-crew and no-crew concepts are buzzwords in the shipping sector, and some initial trials with unmanned ships are already being undertaken. “Visionary ideas drive the evolution of humanity, and the maritime industry is no exception. With its Maritime Future Summit, SMM provides a platform for the industry’s movers and shakers to think the unthinkable,” says Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The Maritime Future Summit will celebrate its debut on 5 September, one day ahead of the SMM opening day. Under the chairmanship of Professor Volker Bertram of World Maritime University, two highly distinguished expert panels will discuss the topics “Building Ships for The Future” and “Digitalization and Automation”. In his keynote address, Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO of DNV GL Maritime, will share some thoughts on current mega trends which pave the way for the future. “In economically challenging times such as these, innovative technologies play an essential role in strengthening our industry,” says Ørbeck-Nilssen. At the Maritime Future Summit, software experts and executives from leading manufacturers of propulsion technology will exchange views on major industry trends. The conference will be co-hosted by the well-known shipping magazine “HANSA” which will also be the media partner for the event. To take advantage of the early reservation discount, order your tickets for the Maritime Future Summit now at www.smm-hamburg.com/programm and pay only EUR 350.00.
Shipbuilding: What the ships of the future will look like
Achieving the greatest possible efficiency is a key objective for designers of tomorrow’s ships. Paolo Tonon, CEO of Maersk Maritime Technology (MMT), will explain the “Maersk Vision”. MMT might be called the “Workshop for the Future” of the world’s biggest containership-owning company. More than 140 engineers are working on improving the fleet in service and developing innovative solutions for tomorrow’s ships.
Dennis Morais, Chief Engineer at SSI, will demonstrate how the design and building of ships can be optimized using computer technology. The Canadian company SSI is well known for its software application ShipConstructor. Mr. Morais’ presentation at the Maritime Future Summit is titled “Vision 2030”, reflecting the commitment of SSI to inspiring the time-honoured maritime sector with the dynamic impetus of the innovation-driven computer industry. High-technology will also be the focus of the lecture presented by Mary Etienne, Business Development Director at the computer company Dell. The expert will explore what future-proof technologies such as the Internet of Things can do for the maritime industry.

Digitalization and automation drive innovation
Experts agree: Smart Shipping and Big Data are the most important building blocks for tomorrow's shipping world. From ship design to routing and trim, through to maintenance and management, the future success of shipping companies will depend on a perfect network infrastructure connecting their fleets with their land-based operations.
Matthias Schulze, Chief executive of the maritime business unit of the technology giant Siemens, will explain how advanced propulsion technology can boost the efficiency of ships sustainably, and what systems are most likely to be successful in the future. Willie Wagen, Director - Market Innovation at the Finnish ship engine manufacturer Wärtsilä, believes the industry has reached a historic turning point. He will describe his company's conceptual strategy for supporting the shipping sector’s transition into a new era.
In his closing address, Carsten Wiebers, Global Head of Maritime Industries at KfW IPEX Bank, will investigate to what extent new technologies are fit for practice. “Where would I place my bets?” – Hearing a banker's answer to this question should be especially intriguing since ultimately, visions need financing to become realities.
The topic of digitalization will be the leitmotif of this year's SMM where leading classification societies and software vendors will present solutions custom-tailored to optimize ship operation. Increasing efficiency and improving the environmental footpring of shipping will be the themes for the exhibits in Hall A5, which will be entirely dedicated to innovative Green Propulsion technologies.
About the Maritime Future Summit
At the Maritime Future Summit on 5 September 2016, international experts and industry stakeholders will discuss the future of shipping, digitalization, Big Data and Smart Shipping. To learn more please visit: www.smm-hamburg.com/mfs. To take advantage of the early booking discount, purchase your tickets before 15 July 2016 (€350; reduced rates €50/€150) by visiting: http://www.smm-hamburg.com/programm/.

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