• 28. April 2020
  • 14:20
  • Economy

REMAIN introduces remainMybox to fully digitize its business processes

REMAIN GmbH Container Depot and Repair, EUROGATE group’s unit for the repair and maintenance as well as the intermediate storage of containers, has been using the new depot information and control system "remainMybox" since the beginning of 2020.

The software, which was developed in collaboration with the IT department of the parent company EUROGATE, completely digitizes all operational and administrative processes of REMAIN and transmits all process data to the users in real time.

Kai Warnken, Managing Director of REMAIN, said about the market launch of remainMybox: “The replacement of manual work steps by digital control of the entire depot operations is a quantum leap for us. With this solution, we have not only arrived in the 21st century, but have also created a new standard that is second to none in the market.”

The new depot information and control system "remainMybox" is adapted to all current and future requirements of a modern container depot. The aim of developing this solution was to increase efficiency, transparency towards customers and sustainability by abolishing paper-based individual processes. The modular system now offers these results in practice, for example through digital container files, the digital recording of check and inspection processes, the digital workshop card, direct integration of all large devices used (reach stackers and empty handlers) via the iPad app and automatic creation and sending estimates and invoices.

Patrick Jandt, Head of IT at EUROGATE, said: “remainMybox not only simplifies the processes in the depot; it efficiently merges them. Thanks to mobile devices, the colleagues at REMAIN can now determine and transmit all essential data in real time and in a quality that has not existed before. The first weeks of using remainMybox already show a noticeable improvement in all parts of the control of the company. ” Kai Warnken added: “When developing remainMybox we always had a special focus on our customers. I am sure that they, like us, will quickly benefit from the advantages of the accelerated and smoothly functioning control system. ”

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