• 01. Juli 2020
  • 13:25
  • Entertainment

‘Port of Taste’: The new Port of Hamburg Magazine is now available

The new issue of Port of Hamburg Magazine reports what on earth the Customs has to do with groceries, how lobsters travel nowadays, how a banana reaches the correct degree of ripeness, and how even beer’s journey from the hinterland to the port can be environment-friendly. The Port of Hamburg’s history as a trading hub for foodstuffs commenced in the tenth century AD. Colonial merchandise such as coffee, tea, spices and cocoa fuelled the growth of the port, and later the building of Speicherstadt or ‘Warehouse City’. In the Hanseatic era, wealthy merchants were given the symbolic nickname ‘pepper sacks’. Today agricultural produce and foodstuffs still constitute around 15 percent of percent of throughput volume in the country’s largest seaport.
Germany is among the world’s leading food exporters. Excellent value, high quality products and the reliability of German producers are appreciated worldwide. Apart from meat and dairy products, exports of 16 million hectolitres put beer up among the rankings. Yet Germans also yearn for tropical fruits, exotic spices, coffee, tea, cocoa, and much else that cannot be produced in the country. Throughput of 1.3 million tons, for example, makes the banana a top import.
Down the centuries, services relating to transport, storage and processing have repeatedly been adapted to cater for precious and tasty ingredients from all over world. The magazine provides an insight into this topic as download on our homepage or as a flip page version on your screen.

Port of Hamburg Magazine is the ideal advertising medium for conventional advertisements and supplements. Port of Hamburg Magazine is also the ideal advertising medium for conventional ads or inserts. All information such as key topics, formats and prices can be found in our current media data 2020.