• 08. September 2016
  • 13:36
  • Shipping News

New Coordination Software: HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center Focuses on Digitalisation

The HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center is the central coordination point for mega-ships, feeder ships and inland vessels in the Port of Hamburg. The HVCC will place an even greater focus on digitalisation in the future. To this end, the HVCC awarded a development contract to DAKOSY, which has now been successfully completed. The introduction of the software means that the majority of the routine workflow stages will be supported in the future.
The HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center represents a unique selling proposition of the Port of Hamburg. With its Feeder Logistics Center (FLC) and Nautical Terminal Coordination (NTC) departments, it is in charge of the centralised operational coordination of the arrivals and departures of mega-ships, feeder ships and inland vessels in the Port of Hamburg. The introduction of new coordination software will relieve staff members at the FLC and NTC of manual administrative activities and enable them to concentrate more on their actual planning, coordination and solution-oriented duties. The aim of the customised software is to make the workflows in the HVCC as paperless as possible. The system also uses interfaces to access a variety of data already available elsewhere and to collate it for the HVCC’s activities. This investment will enable the HVCC to interlink at a system level with business partners such as the Vessel Traffic Service Centre, the terminals, the shipping companies and the service providers in the Port of Hamburg in future. Discussions on this are already under way.
Heinrich Goller, Managing Director of the HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center: “The HVCC is the central point of coordination for ship calls in the Port of Hamburg. Our core activity is to pool information and to propose solutions so that ships can be handled efficiently. The introduction of coordination software will enable our staff to concentrate much more on their key tasks, as they will be relieved of repetitive manual processes. At the same time, the standardised software will allow us to interact much more closely with our partners, such as the Vessel Traffic Service Centre. In doing so, we are taking another step towards further enhancing the performance of the Port of Hamburg through transparency and cooperation. We would therefore welcome it if other terminals joined us and participated in the range of services offered by the HVCC.”
Dieter Spark, Chief Executive Officer of DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG: “We are delighted to have successfully completed the software project for the HVCC within the scheduled timeframe. Based on the experience gained with the PRISE communication platform, we have worked closely with the client to digitalise specific process stages which were previously performed by staff in a largely paper-based way. As a result, workflows at the Port of Hamburg are becoming even faster.”


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