• 18. März 2020
  • 09:17
  • Economy

Live data on delays at border crossings

Faced with the Corona crisis, most European countries have closed their borders. However, the EU intends on taking new measures to ensure that the movement of goods can continue as unimpeded as possible and that the European domestic market is supplied. These measures are imperative, as there are currently traffic jams at national borders causing delays in the supply chain.

In order to provide the affected truck drivers and commuters with the best possible information, the software provider Sixfold now offers a platform that uses anonymised telematics data to provide details on waiting times at the borders.

For the port of Hamburg in particular, hinterland traffic, most of which is rail-based and congestion-free over long distances, is an elementary part of the logistics chain. Thanks to the new online service, a number of shippers and transportation companies can now provide information about the congestion situation and keep a better eye on freight traffic.

Click here for the service: https://covid-19.sixfold.com/

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