• 11. Juli 2018
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Let’s think Green: The new Port of Hamburg Magazine on the ‘Green Port’ is now out

Debates rage worldwide on emissions of atmospheric pollutants. Our second issue of 2018 looks at the implementation of measures in Hamburg and its Metropolitan Region to protect the environment and the climate.

The Port of Hamburg is situated at the centre of the urban area, giving companies and operations there special responsibility in the field of environmental protection and keeping the air clean. Many cargo handling companies, terminal operators and industrial companies located in the port are running projects to further improve port air quality, develop ecologically efficient ship propulsion units, or boost electro-mobility’s role at the terminals. Measures adopted so far are having an effect: every year, 76,000 tons of CO2 are being prevented and 60 million kilowatt-hours of energy saved.

The City of Hamburg is not alone in initiating measures to protect the maritime environment. Changes and innovations are also being stepped up at international level: IMO regulations on the reduction of emissions of CO2 by 2050 and sulphur exhaust gases by 2020 will stimulate rapid development of technical innovations and alternative fuels in shipping.

Read more about climate-protection projects in Hamburg and the Metropolitan Region in our current print magazine or the digital edition as an e-Paper.

Should you be interested in our print edition, we shall be happy to add you to our distribution list. Simply send us an e-mail at presse@hafen-hamburg.de or explore the Magazine online. Happy Reading!

Incidentally, Port of Hamburg Magazine is the ideal vehicle for your traditional advertisements or supplements. If you’re interested, you’ll find all details on keynote topics, formats and rates in our latest Media Data 2018.

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