• 20. November 2018
  • 11:38
  • Economy

LEOPOLD STAFF - Loaded on marks

When Chipolbrok’s “Leopold STAFF” arrived Hamburg at the C. Steinweg Terminal a challenging composition of cargo was already alongside the berth waiting for being properly stowed into various cargo compartments. The number of destination ports made it a demanding puzzle for the Super Cargo Intendant, Master and Chief Officer to have everything at the right place on board.
Amongst those units to be loaded were also various components for a power plant project in Jordan which is to be performed by the Chinese owned Guangdong Power Engineering Co. Ltd. (shortly GPECL).  This project will be equipped with the largest oil shale circulating fluidized bed boilers in the world. It is also one of the largest oil shale power stations globally. Steam boilers, generating units and other supplies had been previously shipped by CHIPOLBROK from Rotterdam and Antwerp on other vessels incl. unit weights up to 327ts.
After completion of loading  the vessel was loaded on marks and ready for departure. Next morning at high tide the vessel sailed with a maximum allowed draft of 10,50m. More would have been strictly forbidden to avoid any risks when passing the historical Elbe tunnel built from 1909 – 1911 which crosses the fairway underneath.
Upon its further voyage m/v “LEOPOLD STAFF” is passing Suez Canal on the way to Aqaba and right on to call at Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Korea. End of January 2019 a new employment starts which might drive the vessel via US ports en-route European ports back to Asia.

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