• 02. April 2019
  • 12:08
  • Economy

KPI Bridge Oil in Hamburg

KPI Bridge Oil is pleased to announce that Kenni Goldenbeck, Managing Director of KPI Bridge Oil’s Denmark office, together with Joachim Kjældgaard, Team Leader and Mikkel Kristensen, Bunker Supplier will operate out of Hamburg from 1st April 2019.

“The purpose of us being in Hamburg is to further strengthen relations with existing clients and suppliers and establish new relationships with potential partners in the region as well as to showcase our expertise and various services. We firmly believe in investing in our local partnerships to reinforce a close, enduring commercial bond” comments Goldenbeck.

Kjældgaard also explains, “An integral part of our service is our unique local knowledge combined with extensive market insights globally. By combining this with a thorough understanding and assessment of the client’s specific needs, we are able to offer solutions tailored to their organisation, fleet or individual voyage.”

Press contact

Kenni Goldenbeck
Managing Director
Mobile: +45 2725 2525
Office: +45 7642 9696