• 26. April 2018
  • 08:43
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Hamburg newly elected Board Member for Cruise Europe Association

Yesterday, top executives of leading cruise companies as well as port representatives came together for one of the most important annual meetings of the Northern European Cruise Industry, the Cruise Europe Conference. This year´s conference took place in beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia, from 24th - 26th of April. Cruise Europe´s members come from as far as the Portuguese Atlantic coast in the South up to the North Cape in the North, from Murmansk and St. Petersburg in the East and Iceland in the West. The symposium is used by its 137 members as an international platform to discuss topical issues of the cruise industry.

Cruise Europe Conference 2018: New member for the Board
At this year's meeting in St. Petersburg, Cruise Europe members voted for some changes in the board and elected also a new board member for Cruise Europe Association. The board is elected every 4 years and consists of 12 members (whereby 8 council members are appointed by the regions, 2 members are directly elected by all members and 2 are co-opted members to strengthen the council). Newly elected to the board by all members was Cruise Gate Hamburg´s managing director, Sacha Rougier. Hamburg has always been an active member of Cruise Europe.

“With great pleasure I accept the appointment to the Board of Cruise Europe. Also in the past, Hamburg has played an important role within the cruise industry. As member of the board I will be able - together with the other board members - to fill this role even more actively in the future”, comments Sacha Rougier on her election. She wants to put an even bigger focus on advancing the four regions of Cruise Europe – Norway, Iceland & the Faroes, The Baltic, UK & Ireland and Atlantic Europe in the future. “It´s about promoting the many advantages of our region and supporting the cruise lines with the arrangement of interesting routings within the Cruise Europe regions”, explains Rougier. At the same time, she will use this platform also in order to further adjust the standards for infrastructure (e.g. shore power) in the individual ports along the routing. “We have to lay the foundations for our region in order to maintain our competitiveness in the strongly growing market of the cruise industry.”

In her coincidental role as Chair of the International Association of Ports and Harbors´ (IAPH) Cruise Committee Sacha Rougier will, at the same time, promote the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) and with it, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (drawn up by the United Nations). With WPSP, global ports aim to meet the challenge to align economic, social and ecological interests and to shape the global sustainability process.

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