• 31. Januar 2019
  • 16:44
  • Shipping News

First contracts awarded for implementation of fairway adjustment on Lower & Outer Elbe

Today, the first contract with a volume of some 9.5 million Euros was awarded for the start of the Medemrinne, or trough, underwater dredged material disposal site - UDMDS.
The Cuxhaven Waterways & Shipping Board commissioned Van den Herik bidding consortium from Kleve with the job of constructing, what is known as, the initial dam. This is a central dam within the future UDMDS. After its completion, the dredged material will be deposited on both sides of this disposal site.

In the second week of the year, the Cuxhaven Waterways & Shipping Board commissioned Heuvelmann Ibis, Leer with another river conservancy measure, the Brokdorf underwater dredged material disposal site. The first activities to establish the construction site will begin in the second week of February. The construction costs will amount to some 5 million Euros.
Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Witte, the President of the Federal Waterways & Shipping Authority stresses: “The first contracts for implementing the fairway adjustment are now being awarded according to plan. This is a good starting signal. Both disposal sites are needed to accommodate the quantity of dredged material from the widening and deepening.”

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