• 25. September 2018
  • 13:00
  • Shipping News

Fairway adjustment on the Lower and Outer Elbe

The dispute regarding the fairway adjustment on the Lower and Outer Elbe is one of the most comprehensive court cases against an infrastructure project that has ever been brought before the Federal Administrative Court. And considering the complex European environment regulations, in many areas this involved virgin legal territory.  
Today it is clear that the third supplementary planning decision will also be legally challenged by the associations. However, the claimant environment associations have not applied for a court injunction. This means that despite the legal action, planning permission stands. The work that has already begun, and the tendering already commenced, will continue as planned. The deepening and widening work will go ahead on schedule in March. Senator Frank Horch says: “Even though the dispute is now going to continue, I am convinced that we have long since found a good balance between economic and ecological interests. I am, moreover, also convinced that the remaining concerns expressed by the Court have been very carefully handled and eliminated. The Port of Hamburg is and will remain a central economic motor, which here alone in North Germany provides more than 150,000 jobs. As an important global port, it serves as a hub for international goods transport for Germany and Europe. We are now able to enhance this position.”
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Heinrich Witte: "Now we can go ahead. That is a pleasing signal for the economy and the shipping industry. I am confident that we shall win the judgement in the main proceedings. We have successfully stood up to the many legal challenges. Other projects will also profit from this groundwork, not least of all because it is now clear how the EU waterways conservation directive is to be applied.”

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