• 25. März 2019
  • 12:40
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Digitized supply chain enabler Nexiot wins award for technology leadership

Growth consulting company, Frost & Sullivan, recognises Nexiot for its sensor technology and data analysis services

Swiss-based supply chain digitisation company, Nexiot, has received the Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award. The growth consulting company selected Nexiot for the award after looking at different benchmarking criteria that fell under the categories of Technology Leverage
and Customer Impact.

Nexiot ranked highest for both.

“We continuously research a wide range of markets across multiple sectors and geographies, and this involves extensive primary and secondary research across the entire value chain of specific products,” said David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan.

The benchmarking criteria include Price/Performance Value, Commitment to Innovation and Creativity, Commercialisation Success, Application Diversity, and Customer Service Experience, among others.

“To achieve technology leadership is never an easy task, but it is one made even more difficult considering today’s competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty, and we congratulate Nexiot on their achievements,” said Frigstad.

Nexiot’s self-powered sensors collect data on location and environmental factors that provide insights into routes and timings at all stages across a logistics network.

“The technology behind our self-powered sensors is only one part of our strength, but it is the data we collect and analyze that adds value to our customers’ business,” said Marcel Scheurer, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Nexiot.

“We collaborate with customers on collecting and analysing the data, helping them to gain new perspectives on their business and develop new service offerings that improve efficiencies and unlock additional revenue potential.

“We are proud to have been selected for this award which confirms Nexiot’s position as the leading enabler of the digitised supply chain.”

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