• 19. Dezember 2017
  • 10:41
  • Economy

Deepening and widening the River Elbe: Cases brought by Övelgönne and Blankenese residents without success

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig today dismissed the lawsuits brought by private property owners in Övelgönne and Blankenese against the planning decisions on the adjustment of the fairway in the Lower and Outer Elbe.

The planning authority came rightly to the assessment that the adjustment planned neither endangers the stability of the Elbe escarpment, nor will the construction phase, ship traffic noise or vibration adversely affect health or property. The plaintiffs raised no significant objections to the specialist opinions upon which these evaluations are based. Any possible impact caused by the western extension of Eurogate container terminal on the southern banks of the Elbe that was given planning permission in November, did not have to be included by the planning authority. Their assessment that the fairway adjustment would have little effect on flood protection for the plaintiffs in Övelgönne can equally not be objected to. The new location for the Blankenese lighthouse line is based on faultless assessment. The planning authority has justifiably negated the claim that the lighthouse, some 70-metres high, with its light having a 4-metre diameter, would have a disturbing effect on the neighbouring property, some 38-metres away, considering the surrounding vegetation and high trees. This means that at present there are no more lawsuits related to the fairway adjustment before the Federal Administrative Court.


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