• 05. Oktober 2016
  • 15:19
  • Shipping News

Chipolbrok in Double Pack

Chipolbrok just checked the hardening test with their new terminal operator C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) in Hamburg. Within a very short time two general cargo vessels of the Polish-Chinese heavy lift carrier have been handled at C. Steinweg terminal.    

On Wednesday, 28 September, shortly before midnight, owners newbuilding “Chipolbrok Atlantic” arrived to discharge cargo from China. It is one of a quartet of newbuildings of which three vessels are in service already and another fourth will be delivered in December 2016.

This so called “Pacific” type exceeds with a dwt capacity of 31,600 tons and 45,000 cbm bale space all previous tonnage in the fleet from a total of presently 17 multipurpose heavylift  vessels.  The overall length is 190 m and a breadth of 28 m. Equipped with three cranes of each 350 tons lifting capacity in tandem operations reaches the limit of 700 tons. These vessels are taylor made for the windpower industry especially for the carriage of extraordinary long offshore wind blades.

“Chipolbrok Atlantic” left the Port of Hamburg on 29th of September afternoon just after the Harbour Master congratulated Captain and owners to this fine new ship and handed over the Admiralty Medal on behalf of Hamburg Port Authority.

On same day early in the morning “Chipolbrok Sun” arrived at C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) to take over a reasonable quantity of cargo consisting of generals, heavy lifts, vehicles etc with destinations to the Arabian Gulf region, India, South-East Asia and Korea. 

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