• 20. März 2020
  • 14:00
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Austria: Less volume expected in import and export; CT terminals remain open

Hamburg has been the most important port for Austrian industry in terms of containerised transport for over 30 years. The Hanseatic city is optimally connected to the Austrian economy by rail and links it with markets all over the world.

Alexander Till, Head of the Port of Hamburg Representative Office in Vienna, sheds some light on the current situation in Austria:

All terminals for combined transport in Austria remain open as of Thursday. A few days ago, the government lifted the restrictions for driving and rest periods for truck drivers so that deliveries can now also be carried out at night on weekends.

As of this week, all operators have already suspended trains due to expected low volumes especially on imports. It is expected that next week and the week after the number of suspended trains will even be higher amounting up to 30 percent less capacity.  In addition, the situation on the export side is still unclear since many manufacturing companies in Austria are shut down for the next one to two weeks. This makes determining how much volume there will be in Austrian exports in the coming weeks impossible. Furthermore, it is still unclear how imported containers will be unloaded, if many companies are shut down.

"Freight forwarders, carriers, train and terminal operators are doing a great job to ensure that the goods supply is maintained as well as possible in Austria", says Till. Wherever possible, the employees of freight forwarders and shipping agencies are working from home so that day-to-day operation keeps running as smooth as possible.

You can also find up-to-date information on how the individual market regions are affected on the German Chamber of Foreign Trade’s webpage

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