• 04. April 2017
  • 10:49
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10th National Maritime Conference in Hamburg: Dr Kitack Lim and Jens Meier in talks

Prior to the National Maritime Conference, taking place in Hamburg today, the Chairman of the HPA Management Board Jens Meier and Dr Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Mari-time Organization (IMO), used the opportunity to have a detailed discussion yesterday. Dr Kitack Lim is one of the keynote speakers at the conference today.

Meier and Lim have been in lively exchange on the topics of digitalisation and networking along the maritime supply chain for a long time. “We know each other from South Korea where Dr Kitack Lim was the President of the Port Authority of our partner port Busan. I got to know him as a trusted part-ner and visionary on exchange, cooperation, and networking during many business trips in both Busan and Hamburg,” says Jens Meier. Just like the Port of Hamburg, the Port of Busan also pushes its digitalisation strategy forward. For this reason, the two ports, together with additional ports and additional players in Europe, Asia, and America have decided to work to-gether.

The HPA sees immense opportunities in the digital transformation. Just two years ago, the HPA presented 20 digital port logistics prototypes at the IAPH World Ports Conference 2015. With these “smartPORT” projects the HPA is using state-of-the-art IT solutions to push the sustainable develop-ment of traffic and goods flows within the port forward. At the same time, the Port of Hamburg is connecting itself with other ports to form a chain of intelligent ports throughout the world. With this, the HPA is going beyond the traditional concept of bilateral partnerships in order to bring port man-agements and their partners as well as customers together. While network-ing has a high priority for the port sector in the age of digitisation, it is equally important to actively create the digital transformation in close coop-eration with partners. It allows sharing experiences and developing strate-gies on how ports can cooperate digitally and analogously in a worldwide network. This vision of interlinked ports is also included in the book “Digitali-zation of Seaports”, which is published today, written by the Fraunhofer In-stitute (Center Maritime Logistics and Services) and the HPA. Sustainable growth, that keeps an eye on both economy and ecology, is only possible through the joint use of intelligent data systems and an open exchange. The book is meant to be the foundation for the necessary discussion.

“The IMO Secretary General and I talked about how ports as well as all in-volved in the maritime environment, can cooperate with each other even more target-oriented,” says Jens Meier with regards to his meeting with Dr Kitack Lim. He continues: “As a public institution, the HPA takes on the role of the mediator who gets everyone on board. Whether employees, custom-ers or partners around the world: cooperation and exchange have the high-est priority – either in the traditional analogue or contemporary digital way.”

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